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HI Iberia presents SIMPATICO in the Conference on "Easy-to-Read" in Valencia



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Last May 19th, HI Iberia presented the ongoing work and results of project SIMPATICO in the Conference on "Easy-to-Read" of the Generalitat Valenciana held in the University of Valencia. The event gathered more than 150 interdisciplinary professionals in fields as disparate as linguistics, neurobiology, teaching and, thanks in part to HI Iberia, engineering of systems that integrate texts that are easy to read to everyone, thus increasing their inclusivity for endangered collectives such as elders, semi-literate persons or persons witt disabilities.
HI Iberia presented the leading edge work in SIMPATICO regarding simplification of the interaction with the Public Administrations, including very related elements such as text simplification and workflow adaptation in interaction for complex tasks. The event was successful in making SIMPATICO known to a wide array of potential end-users, related projects and fellow researchers. The slides for the event are available from the SIMPATICO website.