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Meeting of members of projects approved within the call SC1-PM-15-2017



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As part of the approach proposed by some of the coordinators of projects approved under the call SC1-PM-15-2017 “Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age” regarding the creation of a common architecture that simplifies the technical implementation of the different solutions as well as contributes to maximize their impact, members of CAPTAIN, COUCH, EMPATHIC, Holobalance, NESTORE, SAAM, vCare and, of course, WellCo project, were met last 1st of March in Brussels with the aim of discussing and takind decisions around this initiative.

The meeting started with a presentation where each of the members introduced his/her project, with a special focus on technical aspects. This session was followed by another one where attendees showed frameworks and solutions currently existing. The meeting was finalized with a discussion where members laid the foundations for the creation of the common architecture as well as for the definition of mechanisms that favour the communication among different members.

In summary, all members agreed on sharing those resources which were beneficial for the rest of projects and that did not violate intelectual property rigths. In the coming months, several teleconferences will be performed in order to clarify the route to follow.