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HI-Iberia in the I Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police

HI-Iberia attended to this Meeting and showed their main tools in terms of security.



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Last 16th of October, the First Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police took place in the headquarters of the Galician Academy of Public Security (AGASP) in A Estrada (Pontevedra). The aim of this meeting was to discuss some of the issues that actually arise in the area of activity of the Galician Police, such as the use of Online Social Networks and the coordination difficulties that these security bodies actually experiment.

Based on the above mentioned and with the objective of showing some of the tools that Hi-Iberia currently owns in terms of security, a stand was presented where Hi-Iberia gave to know: “SAMi2” project, where Hi-Iberia works with the Madrid City Council Police to develop a tool for the prevention, through Online Social Networks, of activities that can put citizens in danger; and the product “LifeOnLive” for the monitoring of the activities of security forces through the transfer of video via smartphones.

On the one hand, to promote and disseminate SAMi2, a poster, leaflets and an illustrative video were created. They showed the functioning, architecture and main functionalities of the interface of this software. Several people were attracted by this tool and by the functionalities showed in the video, as well as by the capacity of prevention that it provides and that it is very important for security forces. In addition, its intuitive interface and the rapidity of results make of SAMi2 an indispensable tool for the support of Security Forces in the analysis of Online Social Networks.

On the other hand, in demo mode, several members of Hi-Iberia toured different areas of the building showing the functioning on live of “LifeOnLive” product. Among the different features that this product owns, the high quality of the video, the simplicity of use and the capacity to recognize faces and license plates attracted to several people.

Thus, as main conclusions of the participation in this Meeting, it can be extracted: the need to continue developing tools in this field, due to the great success that they hace, and the need to participate in this type of events for catching possible interested people that allow continuing with these and future similar developments.