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HI-Iberia attended the AAL-Forum 2014

HI-Iberia attended the AAL-Forum 2014 sessions last 10th and 11th September 2014 in Bucharest (Romania).



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Inmaculada Luengo, head of R&D Department, attended the AAL-Forum 2014 in Bucharest representing HI-Iberia company. Inmaculada took part of the session "Smart Cities and AAL" explaining the involvement and benefits of the integration in the city of the AAL projects that HI-Iberia carries on, considering their knowledge of Smart Cities obtained from other projects.

In consequence, Inmaculada showed how WaYFiS, MyGuardian, SALIG++ and GoldUI projects could work in a smart city as the ones developed in ACCUS and SafeCity projects.


In addition to this, the project MyGuardian was presented through a poster that explains the benefits and improvements of the platform for the different types of caregivers and seniors with MCI.