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Meeting of members of projects approved within the call SC1-PM-15-2017

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As part of the approach proposed by some of the coordinators of projects approved under the call SC1-PM-15-2017 “Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age” regarding the creation of a common architecture that simplifies the technical implementation of the different solutions as well as contributes to maximize their impact, members of CAPTAIN, COUCH, EMPATHIC, Holobalance, NESTORE, SAAM, vCare and, of course, WellCo project, were met last 1st of March in Brussels with the aim of discussing and takind decisions around this initiative.

The meeting started with a presentation where each of the members introduced his/her project, with a special focus on technical aspects. This session was followed by another one where attendees showed frameworks and solutions currently existing. The meeting was finalized with a discussion where members laid the foundations for the creation of the common architecture as well as for the definition of mechanisms that favour the communication among different members.

In summary, all members agreed on sharing those resources which were beneficial for the rest of projects and that did not violate intelectual property rigths. In the coming months, several teleconferences will be performed in order to clarify the route to follow.

HI-Iberia attended the Kick-off Meeting of PAPUD project

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HI-Iberia attended the KO Meeting of PAPUD (Profiling and Analysis Platform Using Deep Learning) project funded under the ITEA3 programme. The meeting took place on 30th and 31st January 2018 in Grenoble (France) and it was hosted by ATOS. 

PAPUD main objective is to build a universal model for data analytics using Deep Learning on a proposed set of technologies including HPDA environment that fit best to the data provided. Concretely, HI-Iberia leads the Spanish Consortium and participates and leads the national use case that will be focused in providing a tool for the RRHH department. 

HI-Iberia was present in the VUK Project Meeting in Vienna.

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HI-Iberia was present in the VUK Project Meeting in Vienna, hosted by HGB on 11th and 12th December 2017. The main objectives of the meeting were to go through the progress and status of the different technical modules that make up the VUK platform and to discuss different aspects about the exploitation and the business models related to the VUK product. So, all partners took part in a productive and fruitful meeting with dynamic groups sessions and very useful discussions.

HI-Iberia attended the plenary meeting of project SIMPATICO

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HI Iberia attended on January 17th and 18th to the 7th plenary meeting of project SIMPATICO in Manchester, United Kingdom. There, essential planning for the second evaluation sessions to be held in autumn 2018 was discussed. HI Iberia will again be an integral part of the team coordinating the evaluation in Galicia, hosting the solution and developing interactive components such as the Session Feedback and the civil servant dashboard.

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First Steps for the dissemination of WellCo Project

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With the aim of spreading the main innovations proposed by WellCo as well as the impact that these advances involve regarding the provision of personalized coaching for the adoption of healthier behaviours that ensure well-being and care of people as they age, different publications have been realized in different magazines and online portals in Spain, such as:

Portal IM Médico – A solution to improve the quality of life in people through healthier behaviours - http://www.immedicohospitalario.es/noticia/13071/una-solucion-que-mejora-la-calidad-de-vida-en-las-personas-mayores-co

Portal Innova Spain - WellCo, artificial intelligence for older people  - https://www.innovaspain.com/wellco-inteligencia-artificial-abuelos/  


These publications are the basis for the long dissemination process envisaged for WellCo and that will be intensified as the project grows. 


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With the aim of fostering greater understanding of CoME and attracting possible stakeholders and users, project consortium has created a video where the characteristics and functionalities of CoME as well as the advantages it offers for the prevention and detection of MCI are explained.

If you want to watch the video, click on the following link.

Hi-iberia participates in the integration meeting of SWARMs project

imagen noticiaSWARMs: Software and hardware integration meeting. Bilbao, December 2017.

Different integration tests of software and hardware of the SWARMs project were held at the TECNALIA facilities in Bilbao on 11th and 12th December 2017. In this meeting HI-Iberia, as responsible for the storage modules (ontology and databases), was involved in different tests with the aim of verifying that other modules sucefully store data in the corresponding repositories. Also, Hi-iberia participated in parallel meetings, among other issues, a proposal was discussed to provide alert notifications to the MMT and it was defined how this information will be stored in the ontology.

WellCo Starts!

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The European project H2020 WellCo coordianted by HI-Iberia and funded by the European Comision (Grant Agreement no. 769765) under the topic Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age, held the KO Meeting for setting the initial steps of the project on December 4th and 5th at HI-Iberia dependences.

During the following months the project will start with the project development and all the progress will be published in the official project webpage www.wellco-project.eu



HI-Iberia coordinates the meeting for SOMEDI Project

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During 23rd and 24th of November, HI-Iberia coordinated and held the SOMEDI project meeting in Madrid for month 12 of project execution. Eight people attended the meeting from the 5 companies compounding the project consortium, from Romania and Spain. During the meeting, the team worked on compiling project status (work plan and consortium status); provided details about the possible inclusion of new partners in the project consortium as well as the cooperation with other European projects, and worked in the preparation of the Year 1 project review that will take place on January, 23rd.

SoMeDi tries to solve the challenge of efficiently generating and utilising social media and digital interaction data enabled intelligence. The results of the project will give the companies competitive advantage through quicker and more automatic processes that benefit from and utilise the data about users' intentions and preferences in various digital environments, and by being able to reach out to consumers and business users through current and emerging social media channels. SoMeDi's goal is to unlock the value hidden in the digital content and traces of human (inter) actions through the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques


HI-Iberia coordinating CoME Project Meeting at Lleida

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On 20th and 21th November the third CoME project meeting is taking place. 10 researchers, business, and healthcare specialist are working together during the meeting in order to come with a common approach on how to develop a CoME platform capable to help senior to self-manage their health by means of healthy goals supported and personalized by formal caregivers through CoME and at the same time providing early identification of MCI risk. This application has currently release its second prototype and trials in Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands are taken place with more than 120 of users (covering elderly, informal and formal caregivers). In the meeting the schedule for the next prototype, features improvement, next trials and initial business planning are the main issues discussed.

HI Iberia coordinates the Galicia pilot trials of project SIMPATICO

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Over the past few weeks HI Iberia have coordinated technically the project H2020 SIMPATICO trials in more than 15 cities in Galicia, northwestern Spain. The tests have been undertaken by more than 270 users selected among different disadvantaged groups of interest such as elders and persons with disabilities. The core objective of SIMPATICO is to test the benefits of public administration e-services that include automatic simplification technologies on the text and their overall workflows.
The tests were undertaken with users selected by end-users associations ATEGALFEGAUS and COGAMI and were done with the help of the rest of the Spanish partners University of Deusto and Xunta de Galicia. HI Iberia were present in the city of Santiago de Compostela to coordinate the trials and conduct some Focus Groups on the end-users to co-design improvements of the technology to be tested later in the project.
In future news we'll showcase the findings from the tests, which will surely be positive.
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FEFE Kick-off Meeting in Birmingham

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The Kick-off meeting of the FEFE project (Financial Education for Future Entrepreneurs) was successfully held on the 7th – 8th November 2016 in Birmingham, UK. During the meeting, the project partners discussed thoroughly various management aspects of the project, key roles and responsibilities, the scope of the project and deadlines to be met. HI-Iberia presented the Social Learning Platform outcome and its potential functionalities.

HI-Iberia at Mobile World Congress 2016

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Last 23rd of February, HI-Iberia presented at Mobile World Congress 2016 some of its projects and products in e-health that are considered as innovation products for elderlys and also for caregivers.

In this case, the presented products were REVITAANIMATEHi-SchoolBook, and SAMi2

HI-Iberia at the IV Edition of seguCITY: Spanish National Meeting of Responsibles of Local Security

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Last 12nd and 13rd of November 2015, the fourth edition of SEGUCITY took place in Madrid. This annually event embraces responsible of the local security from all over Spain and it has the aim of discussing topical issues and making known the most novelty practices in the frame of the local security.

Hi-Iberia, being conscious of the opportunity that this event offered to present its products in security, attended to this edition with a stand where explanatory videos were shown, dissemination material was collected and demonstrations were carried out of some of its most significant tools.

On the one hand, there was SAMi2 as a European project which carries out a monitoring of Online Social Networks with the aim of detecting actions organized through them that can become a danger for the public security.


On the other hand, there was Argos as a European project which consists on a security system of premature alert for the protection of critical infrastructures and finally, there was LIFEonLive, as a solution for the transfer of video through mobile devices which includes, among other features, facial and license plate recognition.


These tools were well received on the part of the attendants. Thus, as main conclusion of this event it is extracted the huge interest shown by attendants on these tools thanks to the innovations that they offer for the facilitation of the everyday activities carried out by these security professionals. 



HI-Iberia in the I Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police

imagen noticiaHI-Iberia attended to this Meeting and showed their main tools in terms of security.

Last 16th of October, the First Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police took place in the headquarters of the Galician Academy of Public Security (AGASP) in A Estrada (Pontevedra). The aim of this meeting was to discuss some of the issues that actually arise in the area of activity of the Galician Police, such as the use of Online Social Networks and the coordination difficulties that these security bodies actually experiment.

Based on the above mentioned and with the objective of showing some of the tools that Hi-Iberia currently owns in terms of security, a stand was presented where Hi-Iberia gave to know: “SAMi2” project, where Hi-Iberia works with the Madrid City Council Police to develop a tool for the prevention, through Online Social Networks, of activities that can put citizens in danger; and the product “LifeOnLive” for the monitoring of the activities of security forces through the transfer of video via smartphones.

On the one hand, to promote and disseminate SAMi2, a poster, leaflets and an illustrative video were created. They showed the functioning, architecture and main functionalities of the interface of this software. Several people were attracted by this tool and by the functionalities showed in the video, as well as by the capacity of prevention that it provides and that it is very important for security forces. In addition, its intuitive interface and the rapidity of results make of SAMi2 an indispensable tool for the support of Security Forces in the analysis of Online Social Networks.

On the other hand, in demo mode, several members of Hi-Iberia toured different areas of the building showing the functioning on live of “LifeOnLive” product. Among the different features that this product owns, the high quality of the video, the simplicity of use and the capacity to recognize faces and license plates attracted to several people.

Thus, as main conclusions of the participation in this Meeting, it can be extracted: the need to continue developing tools in this field, due to the great success that they hace, and the need to participate in this type of events for catching possible interested people that allow continuing with these and future similar developments.