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Lineas de investigación

Research lines

HI Iberia R&D works to cover our company's needs, so we give top priority to these lines.

Security and citizen well-being
HI Iberia R&D focuses the application of Big Data analytics and semantics to the improvement of safety for citizens and the provision of better solutions for their well-being. HI Iberia has developed an in-house data fusion engine able to analyze jointly the results of heterogeneous sensor networks and generate useful results that might not be apparent to the human operator or require too many resources. HI Iberia also provides Natural Language Processing tools to empower and improve current e-services with the public administrations. Many of these projects have been put to trial in realistic conditions by end-users such as Madrid City Police and the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. There are also significant synergies with the embedded developments by the company used for the data capture.

Finished security projects: SafeCity, ARGOS, SAVASA, SAMi2, Prosimos, ASASEC
On-going projects: DEWI, EMC2, SIMPATICO
AAL and Assistive technologies
HI Iberia R&D promotes the independent living of individuals by means of ICT focusing on accessibility and usability. Our main focus is on the development of Services and applications were all the actors are involved (seniors, informal caregivers and formal caregivers) trying to provide solutions to each of their needs. We develop solutions based on personalization, adaptive interfaces, monitoring and easy sensors integration, voice recognition systems, recommendation systems, video-communication, content sharing, social networks and e-learning.

Finished projects in the area: MyGuardian, WayFiS, GoldUI
On-going projects: REVITA, ANIMATE, CoME, SALIG++, StayActive, VUK
Embedded systems
HI Iberia R&D is active in the embedded research community with emphasis in the areas related to the mobile products produced by the company such as LifeOnLive. It has done work on the application of multi-core/manycore platforms, systems design and implementation, adaptivity in embedded systems and novel distributed wireless network approaches for embedded and cyber-physical systems. HI Iberia R&D is a frequent collaborator to the ARTEMIS and ECSEL communities, attending meetings and participating in projects.

Finished projects in the topic: CRAFTERS, ACCUS, DEMANES, VARIES, PaPP
On-going projects in the topic: EMC2, DEWI, SWARMs
HI Iberia R&D owns a broad professional experience developing user-oriented SW adapted to any device and simulation SW. Currently, this expertise is being focused on developing a Traffic Simulation Platform SW for traffic simulation able to support technological validation and the decision making procedures in different fields of application.

Finished projects in the topic: ECOGEM, ACCUS
On-going projects in the topic: EMERALD, EMC2