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FEFE Kick-off Meeting in Birmingham

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The Kick-off meeting of the FEFE project (Financial Education for Future Entrepreneurs) was successfully held on the 7th – 8th November 2016 in Birmingham, UK. During the meeting, the project partners discussed thoroughly various management aspects of the project, key roles and responsibilities, the scope of the project and deadlines to be met. HI-Iberia presented the Social Learning Platform outcome and its potential functionalities.

HI-Iberia at Mobile World Congress 2016

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Last 23rd of February, HI-Iberia presented at Mobile World Congress 2016 some of its projects and products in e-health that are considered as innovation products for elderlys and also for caregivers.

In this case, the presented products were REVITAANIMATEHi-SchoolBook, and SAMi2

HI-Iberia at the IV Edition of seguCITY: Spanish National Meeting of Responsibles of Local Security

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Last 12nd and 13rd of November 2015, the fourth edition of SEGUCITY took place in Madrid. This annually event embraces responsible of the local security from all over Spain and it has the aim of discussing topical issues and making known the most novelty practices in the frame of the local security.

Hi-Iberia, being conscious of the opportunity that this event offered to present its products in security, attended to this edition with a stand where explanatory videos were shown, dissemination material was collected and demonstrations were carried out of some of its most significant tools.

On the one hand, there was SAMi2 as a European project which carries out a monitoring of Online Social Networks with the aim of detecting actions organized through them that can become a danger for the public security.


On the other hand, there was Argos as a European project which consists on a security system of premature alert for the protection of critical infrastructures and finally, there was LIFEonLive, as a solution for the transfer of video through mobile devices which includes, among other features, facial and license plate recognition.


These tools were well received on the part of the attendants. Thus, as main conclusion of this event it is extracted the huge interest shown by attendants on these tools thanks to the innovations that they offer for the facilitation of the everyday activities carried out by these security professionals. 



HI-Iberia in the I Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police

imagen noticiaHI-Iberia attended to this Meeting and showed their main tools in terms of security.

Last 16th of October, the First Meeting of Managers and Commanders of the Galician Police took place in the headquarters of the Galician Academy of Public Security (AGASP) in A Estrada (Pontevedra). The aim of this meeting was to discuss some of the issues that actually arise in the area of activity of the Galician Police, such as the use of Online Social Networks and the coordination difficulties that these security bodies actually experiment.

Based on the above mentioned and with the objective of showing some of the tools that Hi-Iberia currently owns in terms of security, a stand was presented where Hi-Iberia gave to know: “SAMi2” project, where Hi-Iberia works with the Madrid City Council Police to develop a tool for the prevention, through Online Social Networks, of activities that can put citizens in danger; and the product “LifeOnLive” for the monitoring of the activities of security forces through the transfer of video via smartphones.

On the one hand, to promote and disseminate SAMi2, a poster, leaflets and an illustrative video were created. They showed the functioning, architecture and main functionalities of the interface of this software. Several people were attracted by this tool and by the functionalities showed in the video, as well as by the capacity of prevention that it provides and that it is very important for security forces. In addition, its intuitive interface and the rapidity of results make of SAMi2 an indispensable tool for the support of Security Forces in the analysis of Online Social Networks.

On the other hand, in demo mode, several members of Hi-Iberia toured different areas of the building showing the functioning on live of “LifeOnLive” product. Among the different features that this product owns, the high quality of the video, the simplicity of use and the capacity to recognize faces and license plates attracted to several people.

Thus, as main conclusions of the participation in this Meeting, it can be extracted: the need to continue developing tools in this field, due to the great success that they hace, and the need to participate in this type of events for catching possible interested people that allow continuing with these and future similar developments.

First Field Trial in Bucarest

imagen noticiaIt took place on June 26, 2015 in Bucharest and end users around Europe assisted.

On June 26, 2015 a live demonstration of the ARGOS system took place in Bucharest and end users across Europe attended. Among the end-users there were critical infrastructures and security forces representatives as the Spanish National Police.

During the day, the ARGOS project was presented to the users including a review of the ethical and legal aspects as well as of the project technologies. A descriptive video and the trial scenarios were presented before the trials demonstration.


The chosen scenario for the trials was the Transgaz pipeline (the most important technical operator of the national natural gas transmission system in the East of Europe). The idea was to demonstrate the innovative early warning security system for the protection of critical infrastructures.

DEWI project Meeting celebrated in Madrid during the first week of February, 2015

imagen noticiaHI-Iberia participated in the first year meeting celebrated in Madrid

From 3rd  to 5th of February 2015, the first year DEWI meeting was celebrated in Madrid. DEWI fosters Europe's leading position in embedded wireless systems and smart (mobile) environments such as vehicles, railway cars, airplanes and buildings. These environments comprise wireless sensor networks and wireless applications for citizens and professional users.

HI-Iberia has participated in the workshops relative to trains and buildings environment as the partners that are involved in defining the semantic framework for DEWI platform. 

HI-Iberia presented ARGOS project during DESEi+d Congress

imagen noticiaLast 7th of November HI-Iberia presented ARGOS project during the "2nd National R&D Congress of Defence and Security 2014"

Last 7th of November 2014, HI-Iberia presented the ARGOS project during the "2nd National R&D Congress of Defence and Security 2014" (DESEi+d 2014) celebrated in the General Military Academy of Zaragoza (Spain).

During the congress, HI-Iberia presented a paper titled: "ARGOS - Advanced protection of critical buildings by overall anticipating system" 




HI-Iberia attended the AAL-Forum 2014

imagen noticiaHI-Iberia attended the AAL-Forum 2014 sessions last 10th and 11th September 2014 in Bucharest (Romania).

Inmaculada Luengo, head of R&D Department, attended the AAL-Forum 2014 in Bucharest representing HI-Iberia company. Inmaculada took part of the session "Smart Cities and AAL" explaining the involvement and benefits of the integration in the city of the AAL projects that HI-Iberia carries on, considering their knowledge of Smart Cities obtained from other projects.

In consequence, Inmaculada showed how WaYFiS, MyGuardian, SALIG++ and GoldUI projects could work in a smart city as the ones developed in ACCUS and SafeCity projects.


In addition to this, the project MyGuardian was presented through a poster that explains the benefits and improvements of the platform for the different types of caregivers and seniors with MCI.


HI-IBERIA innovative SME

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HI-Iberia has received the award of innovative SMEs by the Secretary of State of R&D&i


The first flyer of EMERALD project is available

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Since May, an informative flyer of the  the Emerald project (Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving) is available for dissemination. 



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HI-Research launches the project ANIMATE

imagen noticiaThe Kick-Off Meeting of the European project coordinated by HI-Iberia took place in Madrid the 19th and 20th of May 2014

The Kick-Off Meeting of the European project ANIMATE (AAL-2013-6-071) took place in Madrid last  19th and 20th of May in HI-Iberia premises. 

ANIMATE, intergenArtioNal communIty for coMpAny knowledge TransfEr, will last 36 months. During this period the consortium will develop new technologies that allow the exchange of experience and knowledge among old and young workers. This way, workers will feel more actives in the society and at the same time they will improve their knowledge and experience acquired. 

SALIG++ Meeting

imagen noticiaLast 26th and 27th of May the forth meeting of SALIG++ project took place

HI-Reserach participated in the SALIG++ project meeting in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) on 26th and 27th of May. 


In SALIG++ project, he is in charge of the platform design as well as of the integration of different functionalities in the SALIG++ platform. During the meeting the most important issues pointed were the design and the results of the first prototype of SALIG++. The outputs from the meeting were a list of steps to follow the progress of the project.  

DEMANES project Meeting

imagen noticiaLast 3rd, 4th and 5th of June, DEMANES project meeting took place

Last 3rd, 4th and 5th of June took place the DEMANES project meeting in Prague. The meeting was celebrated in CESKE VYSOKE UCENI TECHNICKE V PRAZE, CTU premises. 

The main objective of the meeting was the preparation of the second project review celebrated on 25th of June in Brussels. Besides, different parallel sessions to talk about WP4 and WP5 took place.

ACCUS Meeting

imagen noticiaDuring the second week of June the ACCUS project meeting took place

The General Assempbly of the European ACCUS project took place from 10th to 13th of June in Gdansk (Poland) in the GUT premises (University of Gdansk). 

The most relevant issues undertaken were the status, development and next steps of WP3, WP4 and WP5; the sample of the use cases developed by ACCUS consortium for Gdansk city to the municipalities and authorities of Gdansk and the initial draft  for the business models that best fit the ACCUS platform with the city pilot. 


The UE recognised MyGuardian for promoting Active Ageing

During the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, the European Commission has recognized MyGuardian as one of the initiatives promoting Active Ageing.