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Third General Assembly of WellCo Project

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Last 11th and 12th December, the Project Management Committee of WellCo Project met in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as consequence of the first annularity of the project.

This meeting served to perform a retrospective assessment of the first year of the project as well as to plan de activities to be carried out during the next year, concretely those focused on the integration and validation of prototype 1 and on dissemination, innovation and exploitation of those first results of the project.

Partners had a good time, with very fruitful discussions and valuable insights that showed the good synergies existing among consortium partners.

Hi-Iberia at 10th H2020 Conference in Spain

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Last 20th November 2018, the 10th H2020 Conference in Spain was held in Toledo. The meeting served to analyse Spain’s participation in current H2020 programme and boost Spanish entities’ participation in the upcoming calls in research and innovation within this framework programme.

As coordinator of a H2020 project with a huge participation of Spanish entities, Hi-Iberia was invited to show a poster about WellCo in this conference as well as to explain the objectives that the project aims to achieve and the peculiarities that research and innovation calls (RIA) within the same topic than WellCo have.

The conference was very interesting and it was attended by relevant people in the frame of research and innovation both in Europe and Spain, such as the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities or the assistant general manager of DG Research and Innovation.


Civil servants in focus: HI Iberia runs focus groups for the SIMPATICO project

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Last week HI Iberia travelled to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia to perform a series of focus groups with 18 civil servants from Xunta de Galicia who collaborate in project SIMPATICO.The purpose was to evaluate the acceptance and usefulness of the module e-Service Monitor which HI Iberia has co-designed with Xunta over the past year to evaluate the data collected by the SIMPATICO services and the results generated.
The results were promising and show that there is much that they can extract from the data that is processed by the SIMPATICO modules. It was also clear that the participatory design methodology that we followed for the production of the software is very beneficial and deserves much attention in the coming months of SIMPATICO and other projects.

HI-Iberia hosted the PAPUD Consoritum Meeting in Madrid

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HI-Iberia hosted the PAPUD Consortium Meeting in Madrid on 9th and 10th October 2018. The meeting was attended by 16 people from 13 different companies from France, Romania, Turkey and Spain.

The main objectives of the meeting were to review the status of the project and plan the next months for the first year review of the project that will take place in March 2019 in Leuven (Belgium). In addition, parallel sessions were organized to work on each of the use cases of the project and to reinforce the synergies among the participating partners towards the definition and implementation of the Deep Learning algorithms in the coming months.

ECSEL project FITOPTIVIS is launched

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HI Iberia participated last 11th, 12th and 13th of June in the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in the kick off meeting for ECSEL project FITOPTIVIS. This project, funded by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the MINCOTUR in Spain, will do exciting new research in video and image processing cyber physical systems that use flexible distributed infrastructures between the network core and the edges. HI Iberia participates in a use case for people monitoring using cutting edge computer vision and augmented systems installed in their homes. This use case will be mainly performed HI Iberia in cooperation with Spanish partners such as RGB Medical, Seven Solutions and the University of Granada, in addition to Hurja from Finland. The results of this use case are expected to generate new functionalities for the technologies used by HI Iberia in their platform REVITA for monitoring patients and senior citizens at their homes.
We invite you to follow the results of this exciting new project through our news channel here in HI Iberia.

HI-Iberia hosts the ESTABLISH Consortium Meeting in Madrid

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HI-Iberia hosted the ESTABLISH Consortium Meeting in Madrid on 13th and 14th June 2018. More than 20 people from 12 different companies and from 6 different countries attended the meeting to discuss about the project progress.

The main objectives of the meeting were to go through the project status (work plan and consortium status) and to discuss different aspects about the general arquitecture and the cross-collaboration between the different pilots to be implemented along the project. So, all partners took part in a productive and fruitful meeting with dynamic groups sessions and very useful discussions.


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Last 7th and 8th June, the second General Assembly Meeting of WellCo was held at the headquarters of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento, six months after the starting of the project in December this year.

The aim of the meeting was to set the basis for the development of the last tasks of the co-design phase as well as the beginning of the implementation phase for the platform.

The first day of the meeting was very based on ethics and management. The first part of the day was focused on aspects related to project management as well as ethics, specially after the entry into force of the new regulation for data protection (GDPR). The second part was more centred on co-design, thus, a use case was presented where the initial vision of WellCo was presented as well as the initial requirements for the platform and the work that has still to be done. The day ended with 2 parallel sessions where, end-user organizations and technical partners, respectively discussed aspects regarding the methodology for trials and the implementation of the platform.

The second day was more technical. During it, the leaders of the monitoring modules and those for sentiment analysis, proposed different initiatives where they explained how they envisaged their modules as well as the work they had performed so far. The meeting ended with a review of the aspects of dissemination and exploitation of the project as well as the policies for open data management.

There was a general feeling of satisfaction after the end of the meeting, since several agreements and important decisions were taken, and this, will allow partners to keep effectively working in the coming 6 months.

CARE4U Project - Second Transnational Meeting

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Last 24th May the CARE4U Project second transnational meeting took place at BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH dependences.

The main objective of the meeting was the discussion about the contents to be included in the platform and the mock-ups for the layout presented by HI-Iberia. After a session talking about the envisaged working of the platform and agreing on its functionalities, the final design of CARE4U Platform will be ready and tested with 2 end-users from each company at the end of June 2018.


HI Iberia presents SIMPATICO in the Conference on "Easy-to-Read" in Valencia

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Last May 19th, HI Iberia presented the ongoing work and results of project SIMPATICO in the Conference on "Easy-to-Read" of the Generalitat Valenciana held in the University of Valencia. The event gathered more than 150 interdisciplinary professionals in fields as disparate as linguistics, neurobiology, teaching and, thanks in part to HI Iberia, engineering of systems that integrate texts that are easy to read to everyone, thus increasing their inclusivity for endangered collectives such as elders, semi-literate persons or persons witt disabilities.
HI Iberia presented the leading edge work in SIMPATICO regarding simplification of the interaction with the Public Administrations, including very related elements such as text simplification and workflow adaptation in interaction for complex tasks. The event was successful in making SIMPATICO known to a wide array of potential end-users, related projects and fellow researchers. The slides for the event are available from the SIMPATICO website.

Meeting of members of projects approved within the call SC1-PM-15-2017

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As part of the approach proposed by some of the coordinators of projects approved under the call SC1-PM-15-2017 “Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age” regarding the creation of a common architecture that simplifies the technical implementation of the different solutions as well as contributes to maximize their impact, members of CAPTAIN, COUCH, EMPATHIC, Holobalance, NESTORE, SAAM, vCare and, of course, WellCo project, were met last 1st of March in Brussels with the aim of discussing and takind decisions around this initiative.

The meeting started with a presentation where each of the members introduced his/her project, with a special focus on technical aspects. This session was followed by another one where attendees showed frameworks and solutions currently existing. The meeting was finalized with a discussion where members laid the foundations for the creation of the common architecture as well as for the definition of mechanisms that favour the communication among different members.

In summary, all members agreed on sharing those resources which were beneficial for the rest of projects and that did not violate intelectual property rigths. In the coming months, several teleconferences will be performed in order to clarify the route to follow.

HI-Iberia attended the First Official ITEA Review in Oulu

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HI-Iberia attended the 1st Official ITEA Review in Oulu on 27th and 28th February 2018 due to our relevant role in the project as WP5 leader and National coordinator. The review outcomes were satisfactories, and the reviewers provided interesting comments in order to improve the performance of the ESTABLISH project.

HI-Iberia attended the Kick-off Meeting of PAPUD project

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HI-Iberia attended the KO Meeting of PAPUD (Profiling and Analysis Platform Using Deep Learning) project funded under the ITEA3 programme. The meeting took place on 30th and 31st January 2018 in Grenoble (France) and it was hosted by ATOS. 

PAPUD main objective is to build a universal model for data analytics using Deep Learning on a proposed set of technologies including HPDA environment that fit best to the data provided. Concretely, HI-Iberia leads the Spanish Consortium and participates and leads the national use case that will be focused in providing a tool for the RRHH department. 

HI-Iberia was present in the VUK Project Meeting in Vienna.

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HI-Iberia was present in the VUK Project Meeting in Vienna, hosted by HGB on 11th and 12th December 2017. The main objectives of the meeting were to go through the progress and status of the different technical modules that make up the VUK platform and to discuss different aspects about the exploitation and the business models related to the VUK product. So, all partners took part in a productive and fruitful meeting with dynamic groups sessions and very useful discussions.

HI-Iberia attended the plenary meeting of project SIMPATICO

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HI Iberia attended on January 17th and 18th to the 7th plenary meeting of project SIMPATICO in Manchester, United Kingdom. There, essential planning for the second evaluation sessions to be held in autumn 2018 was discussed. HI Iberia will again be an integral part of the team coordinating the evaluation in Galicia, hosting the solution and developing interactive components such as the Session Feedback and the civil servant dashboard.

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First Steps for the dissemination of WellCo Project

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With the aim of spreading the main innovations proposed by WellCo as well as the impact that these advances involve regarding the provision of personalized coaching for the adoption of healthier behaviours that ensure well-being and care of people as they age, different publications have been realized in different magazines and online portals in Spain, such as:

Portal IM Médico – A solution to improve the quality of life in people through healthier behaviours - http://www.immedicohospitalario.es/noticia/13071/una-solucion-que-mejora-la-calidad-de-vida-en-las-personas-mayores-co

Portal Innova Spain - WellCo, artificial intelligence for older people  - https://www.innovaspain.com/wellco-inteligencia-artificial-abuelos/  


These publications are the basis for the long dissemination process envisaged for WellCo and that will be intensified as the project grows.